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Legal Research and Writing Books by Murray and DeSanctis

Paired with each course book is an electronic, computer-based version of the text that adds links to on-line databases and internet-based resources and supplements the text with pop-up definitions from Black's Law Dictionary, audio and visual explanations and depictions, and PowerPoint introductions to and summaries of the material. The electronic version of the text is searchable and highly portable, with internal and external navigation links, making them more valuable for use in class and out. The interactive text employs a layout that departs from the traditional, all-text casebook format through use of callout text boxes, diagrams, and color/border segregated feature sections for hypotheticals, references to scholarly debates, or other useful information for law students.

Murray and DeSanctis' Advanced Legal Writing and Oral Advocacy: Trials, Appeals, and Moot Court, 2d

This coursebook is designed for second semester and upper-division advanced writing courses involving advocacy and oral argument at the trial or appellate levels and in moot court competitions. We retained all the best features of the original—an ebook of the text that is searchable and highly portable, and a visually friendly layout and design. The new edition plunges ahead of the competition in the legal writing and advocacy book market with six new chapters, scores of new examples of actual practitioner writing, and a new focus on the conjunction of rhetoric and storytelling, advanced synthesis, and advanced argumentation techniques that extend the book’s usefulness for training practice-ready lawyers.

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Murray and DeSanctis' Legal Research Methods, 2d

This text provides an efficient, practice-sensitive introduction to American legal research methods and analysis. It includes instruction on finding legal sources, analyzing them, and determining the answers to legal issues in a sophisticated and efficient manner. It covers electronic and print sources, comparing and contrasting the benefits of each. The second edition has been thoroughly updated and revised so as to incorporate references to Bloomberg Law, FDsys.gov, and current examples of web-based sources for state and federal authorities.

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Murray and DeSanctis' Legal Writing and Analysis, 2d

This law school text teaches the fundamentals of legal writing, analysis, and the American legal method. It fosters critical lawyering skills, such as how to identify a legal rule from a variety of sources, analyze and explain its components, apply the rule to answer a problem, and communicate the results in an effective manner. In the second edition, coverage of authority and rule formation have been streamlined and tightened. The authors have increased the visual appeal and content of callout boxes, charts, and tables; and they have replaced and shortened the length of examples so as to provide two to three times as many samples of practitioner writing in each chapter. With this new edition, the authors endeavor to train future lawyers to be ethical and professional issue-spotters, analysts, counselors, problem-solvers, and communicators working to advance their clients’ interests.

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Murray and DeSanctis' Legal Research and Writing Across the Curriculum: Problems and Exercises

This book is designed to enable writing across the law curriculum and writing in the law discipline in every first year law course and a select number of upper division courses. This problems supplement supports Murray and DeSanctis' Legal Writing and Analysis, Advanced Legal Writing and Oral Advocacy: Trials, Appeals and Moot Court, and Legal Research Methods, covering objective writing, legal research, and adversarial writing in a process method, and provides multiple annotated samples of good and bad writing throughout the text many of which use a common hypothetical, and teaches the TREAT method and explanatory synthesis that produce powerful and effective objective and adversarial writing.

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